The Centre for AI Solutions is advantageously part of IDEAS, which creates opportunities for interdisciplinary co-operation in the fields of robotics, AI, data analysis and autonomous systems. We are ready to leverage the University of Liverpool's world-leading academic and practical AI expertise to deliver your project.

Data Labelling

Our associates are well-versed in the labelling of datasets with ensured accuracy. All we need is your data and proposed labels. We'll take care of quality assurance using a range of techniques such as Cohen's kappa coefficient to ensure optimal concurrence between our associates.

Performance Optimisation

The technology sector is becoming increasingly eco-aware, and rightly so. When operating at scale, the inefficiency of your code can hurt the environment—and your wallet. Let us apply our green computing expertise to see if we can reduce your cloud expenditure and carbon footprint.

High-Performance Computing

Our blazing-fast in-house High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) clusters place extreme performance at our disposal.