Expert Systems


An expert system is a computer program which uses AI technologies to simulate the judgement and behaviour of a human or an organization that has adept knowledge and experience in a particular field.


  • Information management
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Stock market trading
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Process monitoring and control


  • Data integrity - An expert system does not “learn” by itself since all the knowledge and logic within it are programmed and must be updated manually. Therefore, despite how efficient systems could be, some human experts in that domain are always going to be needed for them to keep operating properly.
  • Specialization: - As it was explained before, expert systems tend to be developed for a specific domain, whereas a human expert can be specialized in more than one way or more than one area. Because of this challenge, it became clear that new approaches to AI were required instead of rule-based technologies. These new approaches are based on the use of machine learning techniques, along with the use of feedback mechanisms.
  • Common sense - This is one of the most critical issues for this type of structure. They are only able to solve problems which have been previously programmed into them. As a result of that, they cannot provide a solution for a completely new and “unknown” problem because that is a feature excessively hard to compute.