About Us

The Centre for AI Solutions (CAIS) is an exciting new initiative from the University of Liverpool. CAIS is part of the university's Institute for Digital Engineering and Autonomous Systems (IDEAS), which is intended to be an interface between industry and academia.

CAIS specialises in the taking AI research from the University of Liverpool and applying it to industrial projects. We aim to work with research groups throughout the University and their industrial partnerships to create meaningful impact that accelerates how industry overcomes the challenges it faces.

The CAIS team has extensive expertise in delivering affordable solutions using the latest and greatest market-leading technologies. We've worked on a number of high-profile projects both internally and externally, most recently in the medical and legal sectors. Whether you're looking to leverage Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision or something else, please click the button to get in touch.

CAIS is based in the Roxby Building (107 on the campus map). We are situated on the South Campus, a short walk from University Square.


Fletchers Solicitors

Fletchers Solicitors, is a legal firm specialising in personal injury litigation. Established in 1987, Fletchers has grown substantially over the years with its the mission of doing the best for its customers keeping them ahead of the competition. While its reputation is now one of the best in the field, Fletchers Solicitors required a suitable partner to perform data labelling and performance experiments for a project.

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Dr. Assa, University of Liverpool

When our colleague from the University of Liverpool, Dr. Assa, approached us with a deep learning project, we were only too happy to help. CAIS analysed the performance of the existing solution and performed optimisations to significantly expedite the training time.

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